BFF resellers are highly knowledgeable professionals that add value & expand our products, our vision and our mission. We are so glad you've made it here to this moment, and this page. Honored is more like it.

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With the launch of our BFF Affiliate & Reseller Community we are excited to finally be able to bring the BFF to the thousands of amazing internet savvy Entrepreneurs who have carved out a niche in the world wide web.

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We've worked hard over the past few years building products that illicit an immediate and powerful reaction to those who experience it on their bodies. It's still amazing that people fall in love with that feeling so quickly, and immediately whip out a credit card to buy the BFF products for $200+. In the "real world" we've seen this at everywhere from trade shows, conferences, and educational trainings, to urban markets, street festivals, home product parties, and random acts of buffing. All we can say is the BFF has been sold to every walk of life, every ethnicity, every age group - from 16 year old teens, to bodybuilders, to frail 85 year old women. Body Buffers WILL be in every home, like the toaster, and now is the right and ripe time to add The BFF to your portfolio of lucrative projects.

Welcome to the club. Wait! Are you coming with us?

You. Me. My small but mighty team. All the amazing professionals who recognize the healing uses of the product I created. All the people finding new and unique ways to feel just a bit better in a moment, and using the BFF as that bridge. Here at the BFF, we each feel truly blessed for each and every way we are expanding moment by moment, and it keeps getting better and better.

We've heard this time and time again: "The beauty of The BFF is that it sells itself"

Selling is extinct. The new way is to be excited (which you clearly are), and simply share your excitement with those around you.

Our equation: Product Knowledge + Your Unique Expertise + Full Integration = Smiles (a.k.a. Sales)

We are about to blow up!

I keep meeting people that make me bounce off the wall with excitement, and I've been getting more and more comfortable when I recognize that special feeling when everything is aligned, and there's an awareness among the group of the phenomenon. So now that you're here and still reading, I'll utter the words that come flying out of me when I feel like I do about you,

Get over here! You're with us now.

Becoming an Official BFF Affiliate or Reseller means you obviously know when you smell a FUN & YUMMY OPPORTUNITY! Glad you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back - better yet, BUFF yourself on the back. Take a moment with me to feel AMAZING and HAPPY and FULL OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY. That's how this whole product came into being. Following my most excited feelings and the thoughts that accompanied them. The moments when chills travel up your spine, and you close your eyes and know with blind abandon that what you're doing right in that moment is absolutely perfectly where you are supposed to be - and you're completely aware of it. If you feel it now, you're in the place.

The BFF Miracle Body Buffer is my first invention, the first product I've ever designed from the ground up (product, graphics, website and all), with no experience whatsoever, and I've been lucky enough to get help wherever I turned and asked, and have been lead on this magical journey of transformation - from Private Chef to Inventor & Entrepreneur. Now I have a small, but mighty team and we're on the brink of completely BLOWING UP.

Let's bring this super fun and amazing healing device to everyone and their mom.

Come with us. Have a hand in it. Be a part of us. Get in here. You're with US now.

Let's kick some A$$.

Thanks for reading my excited rant. I'm just a little excited, ok?!

humbly and with all my buff,

chef joshua

copyright 2014-2016 - Joshua Grabowsky & The BFF Miracle BodyBuffer, LLC

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